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Module Settings

A big advantage of Hoteloni is it's modular framework, all features can be easily turned On or Off keeping your management light, fast and easy.

The Module Settings page is the central place to manage hundreds of Hoteloni modules. In order of priority, after filling out your Hotel basic settings, this should be the second page to visit.

You can sort, order and search for modules, each module displays:

  • Module Icon
  • Module Name
  • Module Category
  • Module Actions
    • basic module, always On, can not be turned off
    • module is On
    • module is Off
    • if module is On, edit module settings
  • Module Help
    • Opens related Hoteloni modules category page
    • Opens related Hoteloni documentation page

Activating a module will many times create new Hoteloni Administration Panel links specific to the module example, turning ON Housekeeping will activate the housekeeping panel menu.

If you are missing a module, get in touch with us to be added to Hoteloni.