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Back in 2009, in a cold, dark Icelandic winter night, with snow and ice up to the teeth, a group of 4 Linux friends (par-time html, css, javascript, and php coders), in a beer get together all decided their websites suck. Ingenious they were. Amongst beers they quickly decided they need to pull their efforts together to solve this humanity threatening situation. They came to terms to use the same cms platform "Joomla" and they would code stuff and share it in between them. One of the friends, let's call him "Wise Icicle" also decided to share the freshly codded Joomla extensions in his website... surprise, surprise these extensions had tons of downloads. 21 Novermber 2009 saw the birth of TechGasp.


Confucius says a tree takes time to grow strong and withstand storms. He also said beer is a bad human glue.

  • 2009-2010

    Our Humble Joomla Beginnings

    Saw our first Joomla cms based website and our newly new components, modules and plugins. With our fist sales came the realization that technical support and customer care is primordial, a pillar for TechGasp.

  • 2010-2012

    Organic Wordpress

    Not long after, many customers would occasionally ask us if our Joomla extensions were available for Wordpress. Another realization, Wordpress had back then 80% market share of all CMS's. We needed to be represented and thus our Wordpress based cms website was born with freshly coded wordpress plugins. By the end of 2012, the original 4 Linux coders were reduced to 2 Pedro Alves and "Wise Icicle". "Bearded Bear" left Iceland to go back home "the almighty USA" and "Whining Curtain" went linux full and big time in a major Icelandic corp.

  • 2012-2014

    Organic Hosting & Outsourcing

    Much like wordpress, our hosting stared by customer request. Linux obsessed from root our servers proudly boosted our websites with response times of 200 milliseconds so we started providing hosting to our faithful customers. With that we also started providing Linux outsource to customers with their own hardware. These years also saw our code being developed worldwide in a great TechGasp code community.

  • 2014-2016

    Spam Master & Drupal

    With good websites and high google pages ranks comes a big issue, fake page hits, nasty bots, exploit attempts, sales fraud, and generalized registrations, comments and contact forms spam. Faced with this dilemma we could use standard industry solutions or, create our own spam fighting solution. Cloud based Spam Master was born: Spam Master protects thousands of sites with one of the largest threats databases of the industry. At this time, Joomla and Worpress were felling lonely, so we branched out to include Drupal cms in our ranks, today we provide Drupal modules and general Drupal consulting and outsourcing.

  • 2016-2018

    Headquarters & Hoteloni Birth

    2016 saw TechGasp being exclusively owned by Pedro Alves, current managing director. TechGasp legal headquarters moved to sunny Portugal, a sizzling IT hub, hotspot for digital nomads and, home of the much acclaimed international Web Submit. Combining all the years of accumulated cms knowledge and the Portuguese hospitality business industry needs, April 2018 saw the birth, alpha and beta release of Hoteloni, a cloud based, modular and all in one solution for hotels, resorts, guesthouses, bed & breakfast, hostels, motels, camping grounds, etc.

  • 2018-

    Hoteloni Growth & Google Cloud Platform

    2019 saw all TechGasp cloud services being moved to the powerful google cloud platform via linux debian compute engines and another outsourcing specialization was born for customers using cloud platforms. Still, this year saw an exponential Hoteloni growth moving from beta releases to release candidates.

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