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Summer 2020 News

News Susana Duggar 2020-06-16 14:14:14
Hoteloni Content Management System for the Hospitality Business

The 2020 summer and travel season for the northern hemisphere is here alongside exciting Hoteloni improvements and news.

The virus and billing

As promised to all our clients in our last blog post no billings were issued for the past 3 months and our service was totally free, no client action was needed since it was an automated process setup by us. Also as promised we would revise the no billing, free service policy after 3 months which is now, June.

We revised the dire hospitality business situation and decided to extend the no billing free service but not as an automated process. After this point you can request us no billing via contact form and we will manually implement it in your Hoteloni account.

Summer News & Improvements

What have we been up to? a bunch of things since the goal is to make Hoteloni an easy to use solution for hoteliers and hotel staff and all in one content management system solution for hotels, resorts, guesthouses, bed & breakfast, hostels, motels, camping grounds, etc.

Keep in mind that sometimes these improvements are not only eye candy, are not visible to users. Most of the times, important changes are on a code level that streamline and simplify server processes making the user experience faster, easier, better.

# Main Changes & Improvements
1 Math calculations no longer use apache2 PHP BCMATH module for instance for hotel bookings, reservations, tax calculations and invoices.
2 Database table calls now use ajax for the processing server, this grants much faster loading times for huge data tables present for instance when displaying all hotel bookings or hotel housekeeping, maintenance jobs.
3 All javascript code is now organized inside specific folders and files.
  • Pretty internal structure that provides a better user experience and improved SEF (search engine friendly) and SEO (search engine optimization):
    • All folders were renamed to use pretty names
    • All files were renamed to use pretty names
5 More terms added and translated to country languages using our translation framework.
  • All internal user menus were changed to use bootstrap buttons and independent page loading:
    • Faster loading times
    • Smother page loading
    • Better user experience
    • Better server performance with lower cpu, memory and disc i/o load
7 New 600 cool icons that can be used in your hotel website menus or inside your hotel blog pages and posts .
8 New PDF and CSV export paths.
9 A few fixes and path changes to your favorite hotel staff punch clock. Read more about the hotel puch clock.
10 More work done to your upcoming hotel warehouse and stock management module that will be the base among other things to your hotel room service and hotel restaurant service. All up-coming this year.

Might be worth mentioning that the changes are never done in our live production servers, all coding is done and tested in several development machines and only after passing all tests are deployed in the main servers. Hoteloni service continuity, hoteliers and staff experience or booking customers experience is never disrupted or interrupted. Hoteloni is proud to have 100% servers up-time.