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Hotel Punch Clock

News Susana Duggar 2020-02-18 13:12:13
Hoteloni Content Management System for the Hospitality Business

Hoteloni is all in one for your hotel needs. Keeping true to that concept we have just launched another important module for your hotel management, the staff punch clock.

Punch Time Clock

With Hoteloni Punch Clock module you can now manage all your hotel staff work attendances, In / Out times, work statuses and most importantly you can export everything in CSV format that can be used in all sorts of hotel management example, bookeeping or staff salary. Like any of our modules you can turn it On or Off in Hoteloni Control Panel, Settings Modules page.

# Main Features
1 Displays all hotel staff. Since Hoteloni supports multiple locations you can manage all your hotels employees.
2 Supports several display views. Closed view users can see and change their In / Out work status. Open view allows for all users to see each others In / Out statuses. Special standalone isolated view allows to have a Punch Time Clock with no need of control panel login, very useful for hotel staff entry / security areas.
3 Password protection forces users to input their password to change status. Pin number protection forces users to input their pin number to change status.
  • Seven different work statuses:
    • I'm working
    • I'm working out of the office
    • I'm working out of town
    • I'm working out of the country
    • I'm not working
    • I'm sick
    • I'm on vacation
5 Status description field allows users to leave an open text note with their status.
6 Multi languages ready.
7 Auto logout users after a certain amount of work hours, useful if users forget to punch out.
8 Full data Export with filter capabilities in CSV format.
8 Other hidden security implementations

More About Hotel Punch Clock

You can take a look at Hoteloni Punch Time Clock Modules page and Documentation page.