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Hoteloni No Billing 3 Months

News Susana Duggar 2020-03-20 18:18:18
Hoteloni Content Management System for the Hospitality Business

Important announcement regarding the tragic covid-19 pandemic and the hospitality business.


We are living unprecedented times that specially affect the hospitality business with travel restrictions or limits on large gatherings. In hope of helping we have decided to:

# No Billing until 30 June 2020
1 All new Hoteloni customers will not be billed until 30 of June (3 months) if they are micro, small and medium hospitality businesses. Before moving to our service please get in touch with us via contact form or via social networks private message.
2 Stop billing to all current customers / partners until 30 of June (3 months). Current customers do not need to act, no billing will be issued for the months of April, May and June.
3 The service will be free and these months will never be charged.
4 Another meeting will be held at the end of this period where the above offers will be revised for extension.

If you have further questions regarding billing or are a new customer please get in touch with us via contact form.

Apart but all together.


Pedro Alves