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User Modules

User Management

Allows hotel staff management. Create, edit and delete users.

Hoteloni is multi-site, you are also able to manage each user site location.

  • Built-in module
  • Can not be turned On / Off

User Documentation

User Groups & Departments

Allows you to group your hotel users or staff by departments. Departments can be assigned to specific tasks like housekeeping, maintenance, room service, etc.

  • Built-in module
  • Can not be turned On / Off but

User Documentation

User Access Level

Allows you to control each user or department access level in Hoteloni administration panel.

According to the selected access level, each user or department may or may not access specific administration pages. Also, some access levels grant special views for users or departments example, housekeeping, maintenance, room service all have a mobile or tablet easy to use with extra large buttons view.

  • Built-in module
  • Can not be turned On / Off

User Documentation

Punch Time Clock

Allows control over your staff IN and OUT times / hours. Being a punch clock it records all hours they worked.

Perfect to calculate their salary and to quickly display who's at work. This module is also integrated with Export CSV functions.

  • Optional module
  • Can be turned On / Off

Punch Clock Documentation