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Channel Settings

All online travel agencies OTA can be managed from this page. All OTS's are bidirectional, they access your rooms or beds to maintain a real-time up-to-date inventory of reservations and overbooking.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of online OTA's, if you miss your favorite OTA please get in touch with us to be added to Hoteloni.

Universal Channel

The Universal Channel, like the name indicates is used for non-listed channels and is used to prevent over-booking.

Selecting rooms, room quantities or beds removes them from your room availability inventory and allows you to list these rooms in your preferred non-listed channel. If you decide to stop using your channel, remember to remove them from this over-booking list to free them up for booking.

The Add rooms or quantities to over-booking protection section allows you to select rooms and beds quantities from your inventory and protect them from overbooking.

The Rooms or quantities protected from over-booking displays all your current protected rooms and beds quantities. It also allows to remove them from the protection inventory so they can be available for bookings in other OTA's or your Hoteloni website.