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Summer 2019 News

News Susana Duggar 2019-07-26 17:19:17
Hoteloni Content Management System for the Hospitality Business

Welcome to our hotel news bulletin, lot's of new stuff and improvements await Hoteloni users. Hoteloni continues to grow steadily making it a favorite content management system for the hospitality business.

Modern Design & New Modules Page

Yeap! that's right, we update Hoteloni overall design to be more modern and user friendly.

  • New top menu bar.
  • Tweaked left menu bar with direct links to support tickets.
  • Replaced most of the Hoteloni interaction buttons with smaller, cooler icons.
  • Created a brand new page under the left menu Settings that manages all the hundreds of Hoteloni modules.
    • You can quickly search, order or filter the modules.
    • Turn them On .
    • Turn them Off .
    • And, if On manage it's settings.
    • Hoteloni

      More News

      We've also been working hard on the Statistics and Export data page, we know how all data is important for hotel staff management, bookings, reservations, rooms management and overall financial business analytics and intelligence.

      Implemented the structure of the new module Newsletter. Newsletters are very important for any hotel marketing email campaigns, sending emails to guest lists and or to your hotel staff members and departments will be available after we finish work on your hotel staff Punch Time Clock.

      Also implemented the structure for the hotel staff Punch Time Clock that allows control over their IN and OUT times / hours. Being a punch clock it records all hours they worked and it's perfect to calculate their salary and to quickly display who's at work and to Export CSV data.